My name is Leanne, I’m 27 and I live in London. For those of you who don’t know me, the reason why this blog is called According To Darl is because I call EVERYBODY Darl, whether it be old friends, new friends, work colleagues or my mum.

I am a freelance Writer/Picture Researcher and I have worked on (in chronological order) Elleuk.com, InStyle.co.uk, Look.co.uk, Harrods Magazine, 3am.co.uk and until just recently, Buzz – The Sun’s Saturday magazine.

I am now back in the freelance world and loving life.

I won’t divulge too much info in this section, that’s what the blog posts are for but see below for a little bit of info about me; my loves, likes and hates (the condensed version).

I love gossiping about celebrities, buying clothes, applying beauty products, browsing Twitter, watching the telly, going out and having fun with friends.

I like going on fancy holidays, taking photographs, reading magazines, going on road trips and doing the odd bit of karaoke with friends, colleagues or even strangers – any excuse for a good sing-song.

I hate people on the tube (including myself when I start tutting at innocent tourists), people who don’t tip in restaurants and girls who can eat what they want without getting fat.

Please, go on, take a look at my blog xoxo

12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Angeline Bayley said:

    Love it x

  2. Jo Hunter said:

    Go Darlio xxx

  3. dearden24@live.co.uk said:

    cool darlio xx

  4. looking forward to reading your blog darl

  5. Perfect.. just like you Darlio !! Can’t wait to read your new posts..

  6. Amy Lawrenson said:

    Awesome!! x

  7. Woo! The daily ramblings of Miss B – looking forward to stealing all your fashion ideas!

  8. Keep the blogs coming Darlio, they are great… they make me want to head straight to the shops or ASOS…

  9. Laura Knox said:

    Love it already :)
    Cannot wait to read all your opinions and goss!!! x x x

  10. Laura McMenemy said:

    love it darl!!

    i will be tunning in to check out what you gossiping about!

    So me thinks a little swanky mahiki night is in order soon so you have something exciting to blog about yes???

    Tuesday night is the night…lets get it booked in soon :)


  11. Aceness Darlio!!! xxx

  12. Ooooo aces darl…..me loves a good blog! Xxx

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