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Happy New Year 2012 resolutionsWoah! It’s 2012. Forget diets, learning a new language and hitting the treadmill. This year I need some fabulous New Year’s resolutions to make and break in 2012…

Every year I make the same boring resolutions; to stop eating carbs, sugar and dairy (everything I adore!), I vow to exercise more, start writing the book I so desperately want to write, save money and go on more beach holidays. The problem with all of these though is they make you so bloody boring!

So this year I’m making a few different ones. Of course, the above still apply. I WANT to lose a stone, I’d love to start writing and get me on that sun lounger and pronto, but until then, here are my other New Year’s resolutions to add to the mix.

1. Get a tattoo
2. Be more decisive
3. Believe in myself more
5. Less Facebook friends, more real friends
6. Be less of a London Diva
7. Try red lipstick once and a while
8. Stop saving things for best
9. Cook more
10. Blog loads more

2011 was a great year, in hindsight being made redundant from Buzz magazine was the best thing that ever happened to me. I started the year doing a job I really liked and ended the year with a job I really love. I’m now working on Cosmopolitan.co.uk and have met so many lovely people, and have interviewed an array of celebs. Not bad going if you ask me. Oh and I now own a gorgeous, divine Mulberry bag, RESULT!

Bring on 2012 Happy New Year folks!