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dalamatian, dalmation printWho knew Cruella de Vil would be the ultimate style icon for AW11? Don’t be alarmed, I’m not talking about bringing any harm to cute puppies – animal cruelty isn’t my thing! No, what I mean is Dalmatian print is proving to be a massive trend this season and well, if I had a tail it would be wagging like crazy right now.

If you take a little look in Topshop right now you might be fooled in to thinking 101 dalmatian dogs had been let loose in store, shedding fur as they go – the print is everywhere! From coats to shoes, belts to bags there’s nothing that isn’t covered with the black and white pony skin. It was expected of course, thanks to the AW11 Topshop Unique show which took inspiration from the Disney classic – from the clothes to the make-up, even the nails (below) were covered in Dalmatian print.Sophie Robson Topshop Unique nais

What do you think? I personally love it! I don’t think I’ll be going too full on with this look, I’ll probably forget the Dalmatian (faux) fur coat, it’s a bit too Halloween esque for me! Out of everything I reckon I’ll go for a pair of Dalmatian print shoes or maybe a clutch. What will you buy? Just remember, whatever you choose, the trick is to keep the rest of your outfit minimal, it’s not rocket science I know, but less is most definitely more when it comes to this tricky trend.

It’s time to embrace your inner Cruella and rock the Dalmatian print, have a look at the gallery below to see if something takes your fancy.

Just so you know, no animals were harmed in the creating of this slide show…


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