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Britney SpearsOk, so I won’t go on with this one, it was sooo last week! But on Friday 16th September I made another trip to The Sanctum Hotel in London, but this time to gawp at the phenomenon that is Britney Spears.

Britney was in London town to celebrate the Femme Fatale tour coming to the UK, and after waiting for what felt like ages for her to arrive, she walked in with the paparazzi going wild (of course!). Britney shocked everyone by wearing a Lipsy dress (high-street!) teaming it with a pair of Candies boots. With her hair pulled up high and make-up pristine, I was very impressed with glam Britney – I won’t lie, I was half expecting her to waltz in wearing a velour trackie.

Whilst it was greBritney Spears wows at the Femme Fatale UK tour launch party --Cosmopolitan UK (20110919)at to see Miss Spears in person, I have to say I might have got a similar experience had I made a trip down to Madame Taussauds! It’s not like she sang us a song, danced, or even spoke, but hey, it’s something to tick off the list isn’t it? Woo! Britney Bitch – tick.

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